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Pin on Hell Yes We Vaccinate t

Pin on Hell Yes We Vaccinate t


Dialysis Humor, Dietitian. Find this Pin and more on Hell Yes We Vaccinate! ...

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Pin by Marisa Tenney on Hell Yes We Vaccinate! | Memes, Stupid jokes, Science

He has actually said that gravity is made up by the government so that we don't leave. He said that if we really wanted to we could simply jump and we'd be ...

Sorry, teen boys, but you will just have to go back to thinking about

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Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes

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Why are vaccine injury lawyers talking about AFM?

AFM is all that anti-vaccine folks are talking about these days.

Uh, TRANSVERSE myelitis and ACUTE DISSEMINATED ENCEPHALOmyelitis are not the same as acute flaccid myeltitis

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Many anti-vaccine websites and Facebook groups are pushing the idea that vaccines cause AFM


BMJ seems to allow anyone to publish responses to their articles online.

Why is the media saying that parents aren't vaccinating and therefore measles is making a comeback? Let me explain:

So, basically, here's how it works: abuse and misinterpret a rising exemption number–guaranteed to go up if you add new vaccine requirements to the ...

A century-old vaccine for tuberculosis may head to clinical trials next year as a

It doesn't scare you that doctors claim vaccines are safe meanwhile they've never been tested? Find this Pin and more on Hell Yes We Vaccinate! ...

Here are the vaccine coverage rates in the US when I was in high school. Where were all the epidemics?

Century-old vaccine gives new hope to fibromyalgia community

She says that in the wake of a now-debunked 1998 article that claimed the MMR vaccine caused autism, the message from the scientific community was poorly ...

Peter Hotez: 'What happens when the anti-vaccine movement moves into India?'

Are antivaccine groups "hate groups"? Not exactly, but the answer isn't entirely no, either.

Vaccinate your kids or keep away from mine.

Vaccine clinical trials – the anti-vaxxer pseudoscience is wrong again

anti-vaccine research

The authors then asked questions about how the parents in the vignettes were viewed, stigmatizing behavioral orientations, and policy support.

How Much Do You Know about Vaccine Risk?

Investigation: Should you vaccinate your children?

Vaccine Contraindications: six people who should not be vaccinated - The Family That Heals Together

Vaccination is rape

Intramuscular Injection May Lead to Nerve Damage

ty bollinger vaccine industry quote

Poll: Should parents who don't get vaccinations for their children have child benefit cut in half?

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Robert De Niro Pulls Anti-Vaccination Doc from Tribeca Film Festival – Variety

Please share this post so that other parents can learn about vaccine contraindications and decide if vaccination is right for their children.

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Standard of care.

Hepatitis B why vaccinate newborns?

The Pathological Optimist

W-vaccine ecard hepB

New Supercharged Shingles Vaccine Has Serious Problems

Today we have a guest post by Allona from Allona Fit To Parent Network – Allona is organising the Australian leg of the International Revolution for Choice ...


andrew wakefield

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One unvaccinated child was patient zero of a measles epidemic

Finally, you can also purchase anything on Amazon, and a small portion of each purchase goes to this website. Just click below, and shop for everything.

Are you going to continue to trust them? Especially since a simple Google search can find even an English language version of their vaccine schedule:

For more information on HPV and other vaccines, go to our Vaccine Choice campaign page.

The rates of vaccination are lowest in areas like Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Asking Before They Play: Are Your Child's Friends Vaccinated?

Additionally, if you're just starting out on your health journey and working to heal your child from vaccine damage, read my post Five Ingredients to Remove ...

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Vaxxed bus tour – one man trolling against anti-vaccine lies


Despite the Mississippi State Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics along with some paternalistic doctors lobbying our lawmakers and ...

How Denial of Informed Consent and Due Process Led to the Wrongful Imprisonment of the Michigan Vaccine Risk Aware Mom

Log ...

Another flu vaccine myth – Big Pharma profits

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Vaccine advocate Blima Marcus learns the hard way just how low antivaxers will go

What these results suggest is that both unvaccinated children and their parents are socially stigmatized, but that the child is stigmatized more than the ...


App for new mothers Mush is cracking down on the 'anti-vaxx brigade'

W-call your legislator

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In the commercial, we see that the grandmother has symptoms (a slight cough or sniffle). This is meant to imply that an infection is the threat.

Dr. Robert Sears vaccine info misleads parents about measles


Swedish cover-up of HPV vaccine side effects—and more

Adriana Gamondes Gardasil

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The first thing you need to know is that in Australia, vaccination is not compulsory. It doesn't matter what your doctor, school principal, mother in law or ...

'Vaxxed' Review: Andrew Wakefield's Shoddy Anti-Vaccination Doc – Variety

Look for It

Pediatric nurse practitioner challenges anti-vaccine myths and reveals the real reason pediatric care providers

Autism Community Unites Behind Poison Pen Letter Recipient

Vaccine Injury Awareness Week 2018: Barbara Loe Fisher and Joe Mercola bring the antivaccine pseudoscience

Don't fall for one of these myths.


The fraudulent CDC science that Vaxxed brings to light only confirms our state's most rigid, oppressive vaccine law in the nation MUST be changed. We now ...

As we approach the centenary of Armistice Day, here's why I'm asking Irish politicians to wear a Shamrock Poppy


getting a dog for the first time Prabs looking shocked


30 low-cost fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme treatments

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