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Interesting sideless surcoat t

Interesting sideless surcoat t


An interesting take on the sideless surcoat. I rather like the brocade pattern.

English dress, surcoat, coronet and veil circa 1250 A.

sideless surcoat - and matching hood in grey and another in brown Renaissance Costume, Medieval

"This sideless surcoat or Surcote Ouverte I wore to this year's medieval fair at Rheydt Castle. Like the matching chemise it's based on Burda 7977 History.

Sideless surcoat

Blue Sideless Surcoat Side Lace Overdress, Crepe via Etsy

Luxury medieval robe - embroided sideless surcote with undergown

Outfit, Ladies Early Gown & Sideless Surcoat 13th C. Renaissance Costume, Medieval Costume

I like this. sideless surcote! Always good to find those in art. Arte

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14th century noble woman

Sideless surcoat with a lady's linen cotte. Interesting trimming.

Heraldic Sideless Surcoat Photo by Danielle Vance

"The sideless surcote was worn with fitted kirtles/underdress and though at first glance it may strike you as dowdy and plain, once on a female form this is ...

Risultati immagini per sideless surcoat Vestido Medieval, Medieval Dress, Medieval Life, Renaissance Clothing

From the Romance of Alexander Left: Blue cotehardie, red sash at waist level. Right: blue cotehardie, pink sideless surcoat. Red sash visible under surcoat.

Gates of hell dress or sideless surcoat. Medieval Dress, Medieval Clothing, Medieval Costume

Heures d'Anne de Bretagne - interesting sideless surcoat

I was already planning to avoid buying anything new for this project, so it fit in nicely with the Historical Sew Fortnightly Monthly challenge for March ...

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last minute thing... but sideless surcoat with sleeves? really? i love

why didn't i htink of this. Sideless surcoat as a tabird.

Maria of Brabant's marriage with the French king Philip III of France, miniature in the manuscript Chroniques de France ou de St. Sideless surcoat, ...

Medieval Dress, Medieval Gown, Medieval Clothing

I wouldn't do the front slash though - and I love the low neckline, but is it correct? If I can find proof it is, I'd love something like that.

Elegant draping. This musician has used his hip belt to hitch up his tunic and create flowing lines. Sideways wrinkles show the closeness over the ribs.

0016 / Heraldic Surcoat, woman's

Medieval Gown and Sideless Surcoat with Belt and hat by MossyRoseCB, 245.00


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sideless surcoat. This is beautiful! Renaissance Clothing, Medieval Fashion, Vestido Medieval,

Altered Pattern for Sideless Surcoat Image

Custom Linen Sideless Surcoat

1450 Burgundian Medieval Hats, Medieval Dress, Vestido Medieval, Medieval Knight, Costume Renaissance

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Medieval Costume, Medieval Gown, Medieval Fair, Renaissance Fashion, Renaissance Dresses, Vestido

... sideless surcoat were at the very least an out-of-date style. Since I had no desire to do a fur trimmed gown, the simpler version seemed valid enough.


1385 St Stephen Altarpiece - Noguera - Museum of Catalan Art | Flickr - Photo…

... interesting sideless surcoat". See more. Marguerite de Bourgogne,Duchess of Bavaria (1374-1441),daughter of Philip

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I'd been in a debate about doing a true sideless surcoat (versus the sleeveless dress I just did) for some time. Most evidence suggests that by the 15th ...


Natural flax lined medieval dress with surcoat and chaperone Autumn Princess, renaissance costume, renaissance dress and overcoat.

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gates of hell or sideless surcoat Renaissance Costume, Medieval Costume, Medieval Dress, Renaissance

Make your own!


The sideless surcoat was often made of fine fabric that was embellished with embroidery work or

My surcoat, hand sewn in wool with waxed linen thread. Also showing my new

dress, garden - Emilia in the garden in this illustration from Boccaccio, Emilia wears the formal ermine-trimmed sideless surcoat that identifies royalty in ...

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La Dame et L'Oiseau et la Licorne French Wall Tapestry Medieval Tapestry, French

Sideless Surcoat

leonor of castile pellote. Mellisende · sideless surcoat

This ...

13th cent Hanbok. Korea. Korean Hanbok, Korean Dress, Korean Outfits, Korean

Statue of Jean of Bourbon from 1364-1380. She wears a sideless surcoat and

Women's Sideless Surcoat- Drawing after a 14th century illuminated manuscript MS Reg.2Bvii European

Sideless surcoat pattern for medieval wedding dress Medieval Fashion, Medieval Clothing, Medieval Dress Pattern

... historically accurate avenue; however I am going to stick with the general Refugee Dress color scheme. Check out the beginnings of my sideless surcoat!

Sideless surcoat trim test Vestido Medieval, Medieval Dress, Medieval Clothing, Had Enough,

Found on Bing from www.pinterest.com Queen Isabella, French History, European

Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, Bible Historiale (BNF Fr. beginning of the century: Like other royal women of the century, she wears a sideless surcoat with ...

A take on the surcoat dress which could work well for Highguard

... Richenda's new sideless surcoat | by evian_delacourt

A sideless surcote actually seems to be quite a cliche in reenacting circles, but I blame Kaari Utrio for wanting one anyway as soon as I finally got into ...

Women's Sideless Surcoat - Drawing after a14th century illuminated manuscript Royal MSS 20Cv. in the

The overdress is a sideless surcoat, also of linen in a slightly blue-green shade. The lines are long, clean and simple, the neck wide and feminine.

This ...

Custome made Ladies Surcoat Overdress

Girls Surcoat Side-less Surcoat Kids Surcoat Childs Surcoat Peasant Surcoat Medieval Surcoat Renaissance Surcoat Renaissance Dress Medieval

The Sideless Surcote By Lady Jehanne de Wodeford

A sideless surcote

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Medieval dress - Historical costume - XIV century costume - Sideless surcoat - reenactment dress

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Asked to sew a costume - possible idea. Siân Rees · sideless surcoat · «

Sideless Surcote

Tomb Slab, France 14th. Wife of Clément de Longroy (1380). Renaissance

Pellote of Leonore of Aragorn half of century), convent Las Huelgas near Burgos. Tara Raskob · sideless surcoats

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Xanthe wearing a Blue sideless surcoat with trim.

Italian 16th Cent

I love the simple lines of this dress ! This is the style I seem to be most comfortable wearing.

Knight Templar Tunic Diy Knight Costume, Knight Costume For Kids, Knights Templar Costume,

Then again, I play a noblewoman, and moreover I don't even aim for a believable period persona but rather concentrate on making clothes that interest me.

sideless surcote - neulakko.net Medieval Fashion, Medieval Clothing, Historical Clothing, Vestido

sideless surcote cutting patterns via Lady Jehanne at http://www.wodefordhall.

From the Hours of the Duchess de Bourgogne, circa Belt over a sideless surcoat.

Sideless surcote Russian Icons, Byzantine Art, Medieval Costume, Orthodox Icons, 15th Century

15th Century Lady : News Photo

A sideless surcote